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Mind-Body Reset Coaching   |  Safe & Sound Protocol
Qigong & Somatic Therapy

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Balance Your Nervous System For Better Health


Befriending your nervous system and building an awareness of its impact on your physical and emotional health can lead to breakthrough healing moments.


Nervous System Health is an often forgotten aspect of meaningful mind-body self-care. When you understand how your nervous system works and the tools to help regulate it, you naturally access more results from other self-care practices and experience more ease and joy in life.

Learn the signs and symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system, how it impacts your feeling of safety and connection, and the power of vagal toning, mindfulness, and somatic therapy to support a healthy outlook and mindful decision-making in your everyday life.

You will walk away with a stronger sense of self, a stronger sense of health, and a toolbox of techniques to help you remain aware and energized on your path of wisdom and creativity.

 Our sessions may include:

  • Education on the nervous system and how it impacts your daily energy and feelings of safety and connection.

  • Nervous System Regulation / Vagal toning techniques, including Safe and Sound Protocol.

  • Somatic release and somatic tracking techniques, mindfulness, meditation, qigong, and sound healing tools reduce stress and increase vitality.

  • Integrative Health Coaching with a focus on lifestyle choices and better boundaries and their effect on your vitality and sense of empowerment.

Discover how to increase your energy levels and maximize your physical, emotional, and creative resources through mind-body self-care and nervous system regulation.

Five Swans Wisdom

Anna Batsakes, NBC-HWC

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Qigong & Somatic Movement Teacher

Safe & Sound Protocol Provider

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"Bright and sophisticated, Anna is a healer. She is at the genesis of a great health movement combining multiple disciplines that embrace the mind, body, spirit, and soul, towards well-being. She is an incredible instructor and coach, wise and knowledgeable, multi-faceted and passionate. I highly recommend Anna to anyone seeking coaching and solutions to improve one’s health, alleviate body aches and pain, or in need  to improve energy levels, and seek or maintain overall wellness."


"I love Anna's qigong classes, and a highly recommend one-on-one coaching with her if you want to find  personal power in your health journey.    She is caring, and always willing to listen.  She has helped me connect with my body and trust my intuition, and this has helped me create a lifestyle that works for me."
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