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Mind Body Reset for Better Health

By empowering ourselves with knowledge and tools to manage stress, care for our nervous system, and repattern neural pathways, we can influence the persistent stress response cycle that fuels chronic pain.

How Stress & Pain Are Related:

Neural Circuit Pain Responses: Our brains have a lived experience. Past experiences and conditioning can shape pain responses and cause faulty pain signaling in response to a perceived danger. The brain can learn to associate triggers with pain activation, including foods, movements, sights, smells, fear, frustration, or other "thought threats."

Central Sensitization: Stress and emotional distress can contribute to a process where the central nervous system becomes hypersensitive and amplifies pain signals, leading to increased pain sensitivity.

Stress Response and Muscle Tension: Stress releases hormones such as cortisol, which can increase muscle tension and stress in the body. Prolonged muscle tension can lead to pain.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Factors: poor diet, limited movement, and poor sleep can significantly influence our ability to manage chronic pain conditions.

Social and Environmental factors like stressful life events, traumatic experiences, environmental factors like allergens or pollutants, and social factors like support systems and relationships can also influence pain.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), vagal toning, nervous system regulation, and managing overall health and well-being can influence chronic symptoms on many levels.

The first critical step in dealing with chronic symptoms is to get the correct diagnosis.  Traditional medical treatment is important and will help if there is a medical explanation for your symptoms. But,  if you have been suffering from chronic symptoms for a while and your physicians have not been able to explain why you have pain, then you may have a condition known as Mind Body Syndrome (MBS) or Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS).  Learn more here

Furthermore, pain can be both structural and non-structural, so if you believe that your pain is amplified by stress, this program may be right for you.


Mind Body Reset Coaching may help you with conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic headaches & migraines, IBS or pain issues where physicians have ruled out structural issues and there is no medical explaination. 

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