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Five Swans Qigong |
Meditative Movement

Five Swans Wisdom Flows are rooted in meditative movement arts, combining the ancient wisdom of Qigong with modern embodiment practices. 

Qigong is a somatic practice. Classes consist of movement forms that focus on body awareness through reflection on movement, opening up movement capacity, and developing a deep mind-body connection.

Classes offer practices, traditions, and insights that link movement, sound, breath, and visualization to the power of self-care and self-healing.  


Classes promote emotional balance by reducing stress and anxiety, fostering a sense of calm and connection, and toning the vagus nerve for better health. With regular practice, you can experience increased energy, improved sleep, and greater overall vitality.

Join me and experience the power of meditative movement for better health.

Find out more about Qigong:

-Anna Batsakes

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