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Reset Coaching

With the techniques and approaches below, we will embark on a healing journey to reduce chronic stress and cultivate health, energy, and creativity in your life. Join me and learn more about balancing your body's stress response and strengthening the mind-body connection for emotional and physical healing. 

Education-Understand your nervous system through a polyvagal lens, learn signs and symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system, and  experience the power of vagal toning techniques to support a healthy nervous system.

Lifestyle Changes- Successfully embrace meaningful lifestyle changes and establish sustainable habits to support your overall health. 

Self-care Techniques- Develop simple techniques focused on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.  From simple qigong exercises to deep-breathing, mindfulness and meditative art practices,  I'll draw on my years of experience to create a personalized practice for you and your lifestyle.

Listening Therapy- Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
The Vagus Nerve has a key role in regulating the body's stress response.  Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP,) is a listening therapy that activates the vagus nerve using specially treated music to promote physical and emotional well-being and regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Somatic Exercises-  Focus on releasing stored trauma and tension in the body.  Experience the power of well developed exercises used in conjunction with SSP to help you reconnect with your body sensation, helping you to release trapped energy and promoting a sense of safety and connection.

As a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine, I provide the support you need to experience this journey into wellness.  I also draw on my 30+ years of formal training in somatic and meditative arts.  I am a certfied SSP provider and a trauma informed practitioner.

Mind Body Reset Coaching Package is 12 sessions for $1200.  This includes access to Safe and Sound Protocol Listening System for 12 months, twelve 1-1 sessions, email and text support, education, and health coaching for a dynamic and balancing experience.

Safe and Sound Protocol Only Package is $495 for three 1-1 sessions, email and text support, and 12 months of listening subscription.

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